Unable to access Shaxpir since 1/2/19

I have been unable to open Shaxpir on my computer for a couple days now. It worked fine January 2nd for most of the day. That night I closed it and was unable to reopen it later that evening, approximately 8 pm CST.
Every time I attempt to open the program it sits in Sync status and that’s as far as it’ll go. My computer diagnostic recommends uninstalling/reinstalling, but until I know for sure that everything I wrote on the 2nd is saved, somewhere, I’m not willing to do this.

I use MS Windows latest version, if that helps.


I am in the same boat. I have not been able to log into my account for the past week now and no one seems to be answering emails. I’ve just sent a message to their Facebook page and I’m hoping for some kind of response from someone. I will reply again should someone answer.