The problem without solution:endless sync

So for months I have been unable to work with Shaxpir bc it keeps syncing without end. I have already done the debugging thing a million times, I downloaded and reinstalled a newer version, but nothing works. There is no help here. How am I gonna recover my work? I have all my work on there, and i really don’t wanna lose it all. It’s too bad bc I really used to love this program and I recommended it to everyone. Now what? Can anybody help?
I’m making a new post bc all the other ones are old but nobody at Shaxpir seems to care.
I need to recover my work!!!

Many people have the same problem. I experienced it a few months ago. Tech support here was sub-par. I think that this thread solved my problem:

"Don’t log in…on the login screen look for the tiny wrench located on the bottom left corner of the page, click it and clear cache. That should work."

I believe that’s what I did. I have since removed all my work from Shaxspir and went back to organizing it into folders.

This solution only fixes the app not opening. You’ll literally lose everything. good luck getting support from the only person who gives support. glad theres a subscription model so we can all keep paying for no support

Loaded Shaxpir on my two laptops and one desktop. All three experienced the endless sync screen after running excruciatingly slowly for 2-3 days. I play by the “three strikes and you’re out” rule, and Shaxpir struck out. Tried uninstalling: can’t remove all files.
Tried reinstalling–tells me it can’t. Really??? Sorry Shaxpir, I’m off to explore Campfire and spend my money on a product that actually works.