Stuck on synchronising screen

When I try to open the app, it gets stuck on a grey screen with a loading wheel saying synchronising. I’ve seen a lot of solutions involving a wrench button in the corner but I don’t have that, I think it’s because I’m on mac so there’s no way I can clear the local cache. I’ve tried reinstalling, opening it without internet, restarting my computer, everything I can think of. Is there any way to fix this? I have hundreds of hours of work that’s lost right now :confused:

Naomi, I honestly don’t think anyone is home at Shaxpir, at the moment. I’m sorry for your loss. I started using this product a year ago, lost a great deal of work, and never received a reply to all of my requests for help. Hopefully, you have some of your content but in any event, go find a product that has a slew of great reviews rather than ones with the continuous loss of content via the synch process. Shaxpir looks pretty but, at the moment, it will fail you when you least need it to fail and the spinning icon appears on the screen telling you it’s working on it.

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UPDATE for anyone who also has this issue on mac!!

It might just have worked for me though.

I managed to recover everything by using bootcamp to put windows on my computer. I redownloaded shaxpir and while it took about half an hour to sync it did finally open and all my work is safe!! I’ve retrieved it and stuck it on word documents, doubt I’ll go back to shaxpir unless the community support improves.

I’ve had this idea for ages but haven’t had time to try it until now, so relieved it worked. 150k words saved :slight_smile: