Still Stuck on Syncing

Updated to 4.5.5 this evening (3/10/19) and still can’t get passed Syncronizing. Its been like this for over a month now and is, understandably, frustrating.
I’ve tried clearing the cache. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling. But still, I am stuck on syncing.
Is there ever going to be a fix for this?

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Mine is doing the same thing. I’ve done everything and it still isn’t going past the synchronizing part.

I’ve only been using Shaxpir for a week or so and I just started having this issue an hour ago. Uninstalled and reinstalled as well. Problem is I have a lot of information stored on the program and not being able to access it is so frustrating. I really hope this is fixed soon.

Immediate update: OK, clearing the cache and logging in solved this for me, but I’m afraid that next time I will lose my data. I’m reluctant to continue using this program now.