New version not loading

When I opened my shaxpir tonight is said to download the update. Which I did. Then it came up that it was launching and then the whole thing crashes. I LIke Benji and have always stood by him, but it has cost me a lot of heartache. Benji. if you are out there and are reading this. Please help me get a running app and replace my code and fix and attach my other stories that are attatched to an account under the other email. And most of all Benji, please stand behind your product. All of this begins with emailing me back.

Loretta Green.

I always have that problem when I try to download an update directly from Shaxpir. If you go to the Shaxpir website and download it from there, it will update and restore all of your stuff.

Yes, it’s something that needs to be fixed, but that should help in the meantime.


Loretta, I’m so sorry to leave you hanging!

I’ll email you privately, and we’ll find a time to get this problem solved.

hi, im having the same problem about even trying to log in it keeps sending me into an update loop

I’m also having the same issue.

Hi everybody, I just want to confirm the issue with the latest update… As many of you reported to me, there was indeed an infinite-update loop (on Windows only; Mac was fine) in the latest version, released yesterday…

If you launched Shaxpir 4.4.2, it would correctly detect that the 4.4.3 version had been released, and it needed to download the new installer.

But then it would download the 4.4.2 installer instead.

So of course, after running the new installer and re-launching the program, Shaxpir would (again!) detect that you needed to download the 4.4.3 update. If you fell down this rabbit-hole, you would just keep re-installing 4.4.2 over and over again, for the rest of your life :roll_eyes:

Needless to say, I feel pretty foolish about that…

The problem has been fixed now, both on the page, and in the downloader built into the desktop application. I’m so sorry for all the frustration and confusion!

Many many heartfelt thanks to the people who reported the issue, and who persisted even while I gave non-helpful instructions how the downloader normally works. I appreciate you!

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