Most, but not all information shows up

Hello. I am having a problem with my shaxpir, I opened it up this weekend and after a long time synchronizing, I didn’t have data in 3 of my stories. I cleared the cache, nothing changed. I reinstalled the program, nothing changed. I changed my password and cleared the cache again and it still hasn’t come back.
I looked through all of my stories and found that the ones with several chapters are not showing up. The book is shown on the list of projects, and I can open up the book, but the only thing that opens is the title page. The left pane is completely blank.

Please advise.
thank you
Justin Matthews

Definitely something Benji will have to restore for you. Recommend you go to and click the Contact Support link on the right side of the page to describe the problem.

I’ve run into the occasional bug like this myself and once he’s aware of the problem, Benji is great about restoring things to their correct state. So making him aware is the priority, and I’ve found the support link is the fastest way to do that.

Good luck!


Benji got a hold of it and fixed it right quick!