Issues with Lag

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that the Shaxpir program is running really laggy. Sometimes I’m able to type out entire paragraphs with nothing coming up, and have to go away for a minute and wait for it to appear. The problem is slowly getting worse and worse.

I’ve run all the diagnostics I can on my PC, and it’s not that as there’s no lag on any other programs - just Shaxpir. Is there something I can do to fix this? I really love writing in Shaxpir but it’s getting to a stage where I’ll have to stop using it soon just because I can’t get into my stream writing with all the stop and start!

I have noticed my shaxpir has been a bit laggy, 4-5 words is all, I thought it was just my computer being slow.

In my experience Shaxpir generally starts out very responsive to key presses, but as the chapter/note/etc… you’re working within grows larger and larger, the responsiveness slows a bit. Never really bothered me when typing, but when holding down backspace I would often delete far more than intended due to the slow refresh rate.

Can you tell me how many words the chapters you’re working in are when you start to notice this problem? I’m usually good up until about a thousand, at which point I start to notice the slightest lag, but it’s not until four to five thousand that it really starts to affect me.

I can’t comment beyond that because I don’t write short stories, and because I limit my chapter sizes I never really exceed this count. But if it is word count related and if I were writing short stories (to the tune of ten thousand words) or novellas (twenty-five thousand words) then I could absolutely see it having a big impact.

I’m noticing it starting to really effect it around the 700 word mark. Once I get to 2000, the whole program starts to freeze up. By 4000 words, I have to start using another program elsewhere then paste it in after so it’s not ideal at all.

I’m getting the same issues even with my gaming laptop, so I don’t think it’s just a computer issue.

Has anyone found a way to fix or deal with this problem? It’s really frustrating to have to memorize what I’ve typed so I can backspace the correct amount of times and replace words that have yet to appear on the screen. I’m really enjoying the program but this is driving me nuts! How can anyone write a chapter or scene of more than a thousand words without struggling with the lag?