Hello from The Ocean State

Recently I transplanted myself from the Midwest to The Ocean State. That may not sound unusual but I am well into my eighties. Still not unusual? I moved here because I fell in love with a woman who was my college classmate more than 60 years ago. More unusual, nearly a year ago we married.
My wife, Judy, had earlier encouraged me to write my life’s story. I was hesitant, but nearly a year ago her encouragement resulted in my publishing a memoir of my life to that point. I published it with the help of the folks at Palmetto Press; the book is entitled In the Arena: The Story of a Blessed Life Academic Leadership, the Joy of Family, and Ham Radio. The story has been well received by family, close friends and professional colleagues, but is still some distance from making it to the NYT Best Seller List! :thinking: It is a story of my life from birth to the present.
Currently, I am working on a book about my growing up years - age 8 to 18 - in rural southwestern Minnesota in the late 1940s and early 1950s. That little farming town of fewer than 200 residents is in Garrison Keillor’s words " a town that time forgot." But it provided a wonderful environment for a young and very inquisitive boy to grow up. Through a series of vignettes I am working to create a story that not only describes those exciting years of my life, but may also bring back happy memories for other persons in my age group (there are fewer and fewer of us) and encourage young kids today to be willing to take reasonable risks (not all of mine were!) to expand their horizons and also give rise to seeing new opportunities that they may not have considered. One of the meaningful side effects of my efforts has been seeing my parents in a new light. I always knew they loved and cared for me and my three siblings, but had never fully appreciated how they worked that love and concern into a fabric of both freedom and limits that have provided useful guiderails for living my life.
I have decided to join the Shaxpir Community as I now try to shape all of this into publishable form. One aspect of this that I look forward to having are the thoughts, advice, and council of all you other participants with me in the Shaxpir adventure. Constructive criticism is welcome; encouraging thoughts and advice even more so! In advance, I offer my sincere thanks.