Deleted Books Reappearing After v4.9.9 Upgrade

Very odd problem appeared after I upgraded to v4.9.9.

First, I’m seeing numerous ‘Untitled Book’ objects in my books list. Not only that, but the text is off color from the rest of the titles (in Salinger the book titles show up black but these new entries show up gray, but in Bradbury the book titles show up white while the new entries show up black). If I click on them they’re just empty books.

Second, I’m seeing old books that I deleted a while back (in fact, this might explain the first issue). Put another way, I’m seeing books that I once created, populated with text, then later deleted. It’s like they’ve come back from the dead.

The good news is that none of the above has caused any real problems. All my work seems to be accounted for. The only headaches at all are the fact that some of the old (deleted) books had the same name as some of my new (current) books, meaning that I have to click through several of the same name before finding what I’m looking for.

Anyone else seeing this?


Hey Bob!

Thanks for getting in touch, and for reporting the spooky reappearance of these “zombie books”. This is actually a side-effect of fixing a bug in previous version of Shaxpir, where certain books became invisible, after being moved into a folder.

To fix that bug, and make sure nobody lost access to books they didn’t intend to delete, we had to over-correct a little bit in some cases, and restore books that were intentionally deleted.

But if you delete those books again, do they stay deleted, or do they reappear again after your next login?

If you’re still seeing deleted books reappear, time after time, then let me know and I’ll fix it…