Cant use the program

Hi, I’m having a pretty big problem with Shaxpir - I’d love to use it but as it currently stands, I cant.
When I launch the program initially it works fine, the UI is all there, I’m able to make new things etc.
The problem arises when I start another session later - the side bar simply doesn’t load until I maximise or shrink the window size and even then it is almost entirely empty.
All that appears is ‘Shaxpir’ and the + button to make a new document. I can click the + and make a new book file etc, but I cant access anything I have worked on from previous launches. The problem repeats itself the next time I launch meaning I’m essentially back to a blank slate every time I exit the program.

I have attempted to do a full (clean) reinstall, cleared the local cache etc, but have not been able to get past the issue. When I log in after a clean install I am stuck permanently syncing and have to exit the program, it will only get past the syncing stage on the second launch and on the third launch I’m back to being unable to access anything I worked on previously.

Hi Gyro, thanks for getting in touch! I’m so sorry for the glitchy login/sync issue. Rest assured, all your data is safely backed up in the cloud, and today we released a new version of Shaxpir which fixes the bug you observed…

You can grab the new version from our download page here:

Or you can read the details about the update here: New version not loading