Can tech support please respond?!

As many others have experienced at this point, I have now lost work TWICE (yeah, I was stupid enough to give Shaxpir a second chance). As someone who is completely new to writing software, I am feeling so discouraged from having lost my work that I can’t even bring myself to try and rewrite what I lost. To be fair, I shouldn’t have to since Shaxpir creators boast auto-sync/save. Though I suppose this is a difficult lesson learned, I have officially downloaded new, offline software.

I have now sent 3 emails and have not heard a peep. It would seem that I am not the only one having this problem.

Long story short (pun intended?) PLEASE REPLY TO MY EMAILS, SHAXPIR TECH SUPPORT. My god, I just want my work back and i am NOT paying the $7.99 to view my history in pro because this shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place!

Thank you kindly.

I can’t believe they’d expect anyone to pay for this. broken software with no support. Great business model. I lost a weeks worth of writing. Days of works. Chapters upon chapters.

I’m currently waiting for tech support to respond as well. Can you let me know which offline software you use?