Any alternatives?

(I’m not an English speaker, so… sorry for that)

Since this software has no longer support… I was searching a similar program. There is tons of it but any provides the simplicity and smoothness of Shaxpir. I was wonders if some of you has any advice on this subject.

It’s a shame that this software was abandon. Is perfect for me but so many not adressed issues. Like the lag on large chunks of text or the impossibility of turn off some auto fixes that I don’t need… And so many post of missing work is scary AF.

I am using an app called QuollWriter. Unfortunately, it is a Windows-based product. The product has many features but, like Shaxpir, doesn’t force a particular path. It is also free to use and the product resides on your computer. The user is responsible for backing up their content. There are several online tutorials to assist in understanding the product.

Thanks you. I wil give it a try.